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The name's Austin. I love Broadway just a tiny bit... this blog is where I hide away from the world and fangirl. Enjoy :)

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❝When we first met it was like chemistry right away, which is so awesome.  [] Hes one of my best friends in this life, we love just we just – were idiots, really! We really dont take ourselves all that seriously, and its so great to have somebody to play in this life with and hes one of those people. ❞ - Sierra Boggess on bonding with Ramin Karimloo

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In the musical theatre fandom, I feel like sharing bootlegs are like dealing drugs


"I can get you either Once, RENT, or Newsies, which one?" 

"A buddy’s gonna give me a Book Of Mormon bootleg next week, you want in?"

"I have the link, but I don’t have the password for it. I can get it to you soon though." 

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As If By Magic (Deleted Song) from WICKED. it was replaced with Something Bad.

Backstory: Dillamond is trying to prove there’s no difference between Animals and Humans, Elphaba helps him with his studies (as seen in the book) and later Fiyero helps them as well. At this time they have proved there is no difference between Animals and Humans.

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